MBA vs. Master’s in Business Analytics: What’s the Difference?

16 March, 2022

With an estimated daily production of 2.5 quintillion bytes of data, we’ve all become accustomed to leaving behind traces of our activities in every virtual corner. These trails can prove invaluable to organizations: Hospitals use analytics-powered tools to monitor hygiene and identify patients who are at heightened risk for infections …

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Professor Diane Strong on How She Became a Pioneer in Data Science

24 September, 2021

Out of all computer and information science doctorate holders employed in academia, only 2% are women. Diane Strong is one of these few women and is, by all standards, a pioneer in the industry. “When I began studying computer science, it was a new and emerging field,” reflects Strong. Now, …

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What Is a STEM MBA and What Can You Do With It?

13 September, 2021

A quick scan through news headlines shows just a glimpse of technology’s impact on the world. The ways that big data, machine learning, and other such innovations can and have boosted operations and outcomes among organizations of all types — including independently owned businesses, large corporations, nonprofits, and beyond — …

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