Sara Saberi

Assistant Professor

Since my first day of teaching, I believed that I loved being in the classroom. I enjoy my role as an instructor because it enables me to see directly the outcome of my effort. I like the fact that as someone in higher education, I have the opportunity to make a positive influence on a young person’s life. I make every effort to not only deliver the material of the course, but to develop a mentoring relationship with each student to help them grow as individuals and strive for success. In addition to equipping students with the right tools, another teaching objective is to help students to recognize problems where they can apply these tools and expose them to the applications of new technologies in managing real-world problems. Project-based learning plan at WPI provides this opportunity for not only the students but also faculty advisors to apply and examine what they learn to professional settings and simultaneously develop their cross-curriculum skills while working on the projects.

My research objective is to study problems where scientific investigation and novel insight may yield a practical solution. My main research focus is on applying game theory models in different aspects of supply chain management. I am especially interested in theoretically and empirically exploring and expanding the research on modeling service-oriented networks where multiple decision-makers face conflicting objectives in a competitive economic environment (e.g. supply chains) and define the best strategy for optimum price, quality level and quantity of services in these networks. Project-based learning curriculum at WPI facilitate my future plan to establish relationships with companies and use the skills that I have gained to conduct additional empirical research.

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