Scott Doremus

Adjunct Teaching Professor

What I do: I teach approximately 10 different courses across the schools of business, electrical engineering and computer science. I also do a certain amount of research and publish the occasional paper.

Why I like to teach: I have roughly 38 years of industry and military experience in a variety of business sectors including the Department of Defense, medical device R&D, computer and networking R&D, telecommunications, and consulting. I have had the opportunity to work on many exciting projects including things like the F-22 avionics, the Tomahawk Cruise Missile System, blood glucose monitors, urinalysis machines – just to name a few. It is through my successes and failures in business that I am provided the opportunity to relate to students, at all levels, in a way that maximizes their success in academia, their careers and life. I also like to put on an engaging show. And this is why I show up at every class excited, inspired and ready to rock and roll. There is nothing more gratifying to me in my job, than to see students live the kinds of lives they aspire to and to be able to somehow play a small part in their journey.

What are my interests? I am an obsessive seeker by nature and I also believe that each of us possess innate abilities that are FAR beyond what is fully understood and generally accepted. Therefore, I have a passion for neuroscience, physiology, and spirituality. I stay in top physical condition and enjoy many outdoor activities including hiking, water skiing, XC skiing, snowshoeing, camping, travelling, and motorcycle touring. I am also an amateur builder, carpenter, woodworker and I have been known to pick up the stray guitar once in a while.

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