Shari Ls Worthington

Visiting Professor of Entrepreneurship

My approach to teaching is heavily influenced by my career as an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship is an active, experiment-and-learn-as-you-go process. The same applies to learning, where students participate in meaningful activities and have an opportunity to think about what they are doing. Active engagement also gives students opportunities to experience success and failure. Societies tend to frown on failure, which discourages people from taking chances. But much can be learned from failure – our own and that of others. The college classroom offers students a unique, low risk opportunity to learn from success and failure – exploring new ideas, gathering feedback, modifying strategies, and trying again with a better plan. All courses combine research-based theory and practical experience with the goals of: (a) creating opportunities for students to work outside their comfort zones and learn from in-class successes AND failures, from individual assignments to public speaking to group projects; (b) helping students learn to be more adaptable and spontaneous…to deal with the fuzzy edges that surround most of life, especially in business; (c) encouraging students to understand multiple points of view and be able to effectively communicate with the world around them.

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